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Easy almost-writer Jobs any mom can do from home

Um- Okay technically the term would be content producer. Forum Booster is a service that helps create conversations on new message boards to stir up conversations and get people talking. They pay writers to go have bogus conversations on the new website’s message boards, so that when the real visitors arrive, it looks like people have been already involved for a while. If that sort of thing sounds like fun to you, consider applying there. They also sell web content articles and blog articles, so when you apply to be a writer there, I am sure you’ll get the info you need.

Being a ChaCha Guide is another job I have been doing that’s a bit of a pain in the butt so I have temporarily quit, but I’m going back there soon so I can reach the payment plateau of $100. It’s a great job for the easily distracted. I think my average time per inquiry was about 1.5 minutes. They give you a Firefox toolbar with quick-search links and you basically just have to answer a bunch of random questions that people send in. The questions come from text messages send to 242242, which spells ChaCha- go ahead, text them any question right now. A real person answers your question. You get 20 cents for each one and you set your own hours and work whenever you feel like it. Super easy. Some of the questions are a bit obscene, a lot of teenagers wanting sex advice.