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Finding Joy amidst the twitter…. issues….

OK so twitter has become wildly popular and like many other online success stories, they just can’t handle it- technically speaking. They are upgrading and to be honest, I haven’t had a problem the past few days. OK I have, but only like once or twice as opposed to entire days in the past when I’ve gotten error messages.

It’s caused me to think quite deeply about the whale image they use for their error screen. It’s 8 birds lifting a whale with a net. Sort of gives you an appreciation for the immensity of the task, and an understanding of what’s gone on behind the scene to “get this off the ground.” What the f@$&K ever.

If you look very closely at the birds, you’ll see that 4 of them are going in one direction and 4 are going in the opposite direction. I think that’s their problem. They need to work together and set some common goals. Otherwise the whale is going to get pissed and eat them up.

Other twitter users have speculated different perspectives