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Negativity in Social Networking

I’ve been twittering, and I recently started to “follow” a gal with an awesome website. Most of the people I follow share resources and other pertinent information via twitter. It’s been a lot of fun asking a question and getting instant responses from my mom-blogging colleagues. I expected, when I began to follow this girl, that she’d be “just another mom-blogging writer friend whom I could keep in touch with and share resources with.” This has not been the case, however. I was tempted to simple stop following her but now I feel the need to explain the situation, in the hopes that one day she asks me about it. because- it’s really for her own good.

Here goes:
Dear (name removed so I’m not being rude)
You are an interesting lady with a great website. I can no longer follow you, however, because everything you tweet is negative. It’s getting annoying. No one likes sour grapes. You complain about everything. Since Twitter sometimes acts up, Here is a sampling of your last few tweets.

So after spending the entire day reading studies and reports about Internet addiction, I ‘ve come to the conclusion we all have a problem.

Morning Tweets – Locking myself in my office and not focusing on anything but work. See you in a few hours when I let myself out.

Do you mean those “Wow. What a great blog. My blog is great too. Come see at” comments?

I don’t want to sound ungrateful for my visitors but I wonder if people actually read what they right before they send

I don’t mind that part. To expect me to make clients to jump through hoops because they don’t want to ask for more details is ass.

I don’t usually complain about my readers but this didn’t do anything to buoy my mood at all.

Getting a little annoyed at some of the nitpicky visitiors to FWJ. I mean really, do they want me to apply for the gigs for them too.

10 Truly Ugly Homes

Wow. Just wow. Learning that made my mood go from having a great day to “I guess I suck.”

so my laptop totally went black on me. Won’t let me reboot. Life sucks.

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I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but there are better ways to go about it. For example- if you’re getting stupid questions from people try posting a FAQ or an auto-responder instead of complaining to the same tweets you’re advertising to. I also found it ironic that you’d ask if people “actually read what they right” I’d be upset, too if my laptop died. Actually it is dead. And I am upset. But life doesn’t suck because of it. And you don’t suck either, but your attitude does. Challenge yourself, please to make a list of ten wonderful things about yourself. Here’s one to get you started; “I, (insert name) have an awesome website that helps women make a living online and be with their children instead of leaving home each day.” And while we’re at it; “Life doesn’t suck.” I hope you can think of more. And for the record, I hate SPAM comments, too.

You have a large following, you have a responsibility to uplift and inspire people instead of constantly bringing them down.