Get Paid to Blog website reviews


This site has grown a lot since I first joined. There are several opportunities listed. It takes a little longer to get work here than it does through PayPerPost. With BuyBlogReviews, you must bid on each job. It’s not rocket Science, they tell you what the minimum bid is and you get to bid over that if you think you’re worth it. Some of the foreign companies just don’t know the value of the dollar. They want “English speaking bloggers only” to spend like 2 hours reviewing their website and write a 500 word review comparing and contrasting two products, listing their benefits and telling a personal story about their childhood, for two dollars. yeah, right. Some of the opportunities give you the impression they wouldn’t recognize good English grammar if you stuck it up their nose. Too many of the opportunities there look similar, and don’t give enough information in the headline. If you want to learn what the job is about, you need to open each one up. It’s really a pain.

I happened to just bid on something, it’s a site I would normally mention. If my page rank were higher I would have bid more than the minimum $5. There are a lot of social networking and moneymaking sites on their opportunity list, which leads me to believe I should get this blog on the approval list.