Blogging success working online

Absent, busy, me

I haven’t posted much on any of my blogs this week. I suddenly realized the power of this little job I’ve got. it’s called UNLIMITED INCOME, I just have to do it. And I wasn’t doing it. Now I am, instead of posting to these blogs. My mantra these days is “saving my house $5 at a time.” Although I just got another little job that might change my mantra into “saving my house $15 at a time” which would be way more efficient. My husband, on the other hand, likes to “save the house $60K at a time” and it looks like his tourism video (the job that brought us to this crazy little town) is finished. I wrote the narration, and my name is the first one up on the screen, which is really neat. He’s an awesome salesman so I am sure we’ll sell a million, and I’ll get to take a trip or something with my writing income. In the meantime, my hair has grown back, my kids are amazing, and this whole experience with the restaurant has been like a bad dream that we are waking up from, a little more each day. The debts are there, but our family is coming back to life. i am turning more into the me that I LOVE TO BE and enjoying the munchkins, and my sweet husband and life is so very sweet. We might be broke, busted and whatever else, but damn, life is good.