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Choosing a payment method

One of the websites I work for offers me the option of a monthly paypal deposit or a check, which they mail out quarterly. I always opt for paypal in these situations, because it’s faster and I don’t (even though I should) care about the fees. She had an interesting perspective, though and I’m going ot consider it. id on’t know if it was really a perspective, or just her experience that gave me a new perspective. She’s getting a big quarterly check in the mail. It’s not like my little trickling in of income doesn’t impress my husband, surely he notices and appreciates and all that crap. But if I were recieving checks in the mail, physicla checks he could see and deposit he might feel a little differently about my income. And why shouldn’t I care about the paypal fees, they’re fees. is it really worth it to have “instant access” to the cash, it spends just the same . Or does it? How much of that paypal money have I pissed away on ebay. And now she tells me takes paypal. I didn’t need to know that. Nor did I need to know about all the free trade deals on overstock. So now I am thinking, a big fat quarterly check in the mail might be a good idea. I’d be less likely to piss it away and My husband would recognize it as more income. Hmmm