March Stats (Kind of)

Nevermind on the whole stats thing. I’m going to have to report those differently if it’s going to make any sense. Instead of reporting what I earned in each place, I am just going to report what was paid. I guess to be accurate I should do both. I’m having a hard time on some sites because they’re not allowing me to isolate last month’s earnings, or show me a month-by-month history. Also, I don’t know if last month’s report was on earned or received, and I suspect I wasn’t consistent SO- the payments I have received this month are about $13 more than last month. Here’s what I have received from each source during the month of March:
PPP $38, Dneero 3.27, Kontera 2.73, Suite101 13.99 (earned 18ish), Hotel Reviews 45, Curriculum Reviews 20, I earned way way more- some are scheduled to pay next month, some I haven’t reached the minimum payment threshold yet. I need a new reporting method- this is too complicated. I need a kick-ass spreadsheet.