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Entrecard trick

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox and you bookmark all of the entrecard sites you frequent (like 10 or 20 sites in one folder) then all you need to do is “open all in tabs” Once they’re all open, just click to each tab, whatever is on top is new content, comment if you feel like it, drop a card and move on. I actually prefer this method to other subscriptions because honestly- the only time I check my google reader is when I’m adding something to it. And live bookmarks- only 6 show up on my tool bar, so I rarely (if ever) see the others.

I do think it’s unethical to visit just for the purpose of dropping cards, if I LIKE a blog I’ll bookmark it, but I’m not going to bookmark a site for the purpose of dropping a card when it isn’t even a site I enjoy looking at or reading. That said, there aren’t many I don’t like! The cat one- I just don’t get it. And the fetus one. It just isn’t updated enough, I want more. It’s frustrating.