So far it seems like a great way to drive traffic to the site. My numbers, from other entrecard users, have definitely gone up. Playing around dropping cards & campaigning is boredom completely. I am torn; do I forget about it all and just keep building quality blogs? Or do I pour myself into the marketing and increase my numbers as fast as I can, hopefully over-exposing myself to rack up subscribers and increase inbound links? I’m thinking both. I’ll still dedicate myself to posting in Mrs H every day, and updating my stats @ progress regularly here, and update the other ones 2-3 times a week, utilizing a minimum amount of cross posts. I will also…. find a graphic theme & stick to it, changing my entrecard regularly to stay visible. This week or next I will get rid of my “february” graphic headers and upload something more seasonal instead of monthly. Yeah- seasonal graphic overhaul. Good idea.
So the final vote on Entrecard is…. Thumbs up, just don’t get addicted.