Venting about Kindergarten printable worksheets

$+u&!@ editor She really does hate me. She renamed my article something stupid; removing one of my keywords, making me change the entire theme of the article and so I had to rework the whole thing into something that isn’t nearly as focused, and therefore not SEO. I used that title for a reason- I sprinkled the entire text with that word because it’s searched for a lot more often than the word she used. and her word has nothing to do with the topic. no one whose search includes the word “managing” will be looking for free printable worksheets for kindergarten. Someone looking for free printable worksheets would very much likely also be interested in a directory of free printables websites, along with a guide to using them and printing them. The new title is “Managing Free Printable Worksheets” So um yeah, anyone looking to train their managers and searches for “Free managing worksheets” will find me. Sorry, boss man. Unless your managers are having trouble with their vowels or reversing their printed letters, then I can’t help you.

Here’s the article; not in its original form because I had to remove the highly searched keywords that would have made my article easy to find references to Kindergarten. My other Kindergarten articles are doing quite well.

I must remind myself that she isn’t out to get me.
I must remind myself that she gets a commission on my revenue; so it’s in her best interest to make sure my articles are SEO.
I must adapt a wait-and-see attitude, so I can learn from her.

if that doesn’t work then I need to begin writing for another topic because she drives me nuts and I didn’t get nearly this kind of obsessive anal-retentive perfectionism
from my other editor.

whew. now, go read the article here:Kindergarten Printable Worksheets: Use Your Printer to Create Kindergarten Lessons for Free